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Hard Water.....No Problem

Puretec SOL Series

Residential Water Softening Systems

The Puretec SOL Softrol Series softens water by removing hardness ions, calcium and magnesium. These ions are responsible for scaling and clouding water. The Softrol range provides protection for pipe-work and appliances such as hot water services.

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Platinum Performance Product

Features and benefits

  • Quad Action, less need for other water filters in the house

  • Polyethylene body not Fiberglass prevents cracking and brittleness of cabinet.

  • More softening resin means big value for money.

  • E3-Matic™ - means your Softrol will regenerate volumetrically. If no water is used it won’t backwash and then when it decides to.

  • Higher grade resin means less re-generation needed and higher capacity per unit.

  • Temperature: Min: 4°C Max: 45°CPressure: Min: 138 kPa Max: 875 kPa Pressure Loss: It would be normal to expect a loss up to 65 kPa. Key: Lpm: Litres Per Minute

  • Dimensions: This is approximate and applies to all Softrol Quad Actions and is in against wall format: Height = 1160 mm, Width = 370 mm, Depth = 330 mm.

  • Capacities: #30 models are used for normal residences, Service flowrate of 30 lpm #40 models are used for larger residences, Service flowrate of 40 lpm You will notice

  • Puretec Softrols have a very high capacity meaning less backwashes, power use and salt top-ups.

  • *Capacities are based on hardness of 130 ppm.

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