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Spotlight Series: Davey Firefighter 5255H

Introducing the Davey Firefighter 5255H - a versatile and powerful pump designed to tackle firefighting and emergency response tasks easily. Equipped with a robust Honda GX160 petrol engine and a large twin-stage pump, the 5255H delivers water at high pressure and flow, making it a reliable solution in any emergency.

One of the key advantages of the Davey Firefighter 5255H is its compact design allowing you to move the pump quickly. Additionally, the outer frame serves as easy access tie-down points to make transportation even faster.

The pump's compatibility with a wide range of hoses and fittings, combined with the ability to connect to a water tank or other water source, makes it a versatile tool for firefighting and emergency response. Whether you're working in urban or rural areas, the Davey Firefighter 5255H is designed to deliver consistent and reliable performance in any situation.


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