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Spotlight Series: Mono CP1600

The Mono CP1600 pump is a reliable and efficient choice for low flow and transfer duties in both domestic and industrial settings. It has a flow rate of 130 litres per minute and a pressure of 300 Kpa, making it suitable for a range of tasks. These pumps are self-priming and can lift water up to 8 meters, making them ideal for use when water needs to be transferred or circulated. They are also resistant to abrasions and chemicals, allowing them to handle a variety of liquids, including viscous substances and random solids. The CP1600 pumps use the famous helical rotor pumping principle, ensuring steady output pressure and non-pulsing flow with minimal slippage. They also have a smooth action and resilient rubber stator, ensuring quiet running. Overall, the Mono CP1600 pumps are an excellent choice for those needing a reliable and efficient pump

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