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Iron and sulfate reducing bacteria are the most common groups of micro-organisms responsible for biofouling. These bacteria are not usually considered in relation to human health issues; however, biofouling sometimes provides a habitat for bacteria that can cause illness.

If the water from your well or bore produces orange, black or brown deposits on your bore pump and pipe work,the odds are that bacterial contamination exists.

Other symptoms are a rotten egg or sewage smell from the water, particularly during the discharge of water from the borehole. With other types of biofouling bacteria, a transparent slime may be seen floating in the storage tank.

BoreVac has been specially formulated to combat all the problems associated with these forms of bacteria. With regular use BoreVac controls the unwanted bacteria in your well, borehole and water storage tanks. BoreVac also eliminates any harmful or pathogenic micro-organisms that may be present.

BoreVac Features: •Safe and simple to use. •Cost effective. •Requires no equipment installation. •Convenient pack size. Broad Spectrum Bactericide: •Keeps drinking and stored water free from bacteria for extended periods. •Protects borehole equipment from biofouling caused by iron and sulphate bacteria. •Prevents and controls algae which cause problems in the water supply and storage tanks.

1.Iron &Sulphate bacteria in boreholes: High level of biofouling:30g per 100L of bore water. Moderate level of biofouling:30g per 200L of bore water.

2.Algae control in storage tanks: To control algae infestation:30g per 5,000L water. Algae prevention:30g per 10,000L water.

3.Sanitization of stored drinking water: To control a bacterial outbreak:30g per 5,000L water. Bacteria prevention:30g per 10,000L water.

4.Bore water odour: For rotten egg smell:30g per 100L of bore water. For sewage smell:30g per 100L of bore water.

Guaranteed to provide clean water free from bacteria, algae and odour

BoreVac is used by dissolving one 30g sachet of powder in five litres of water. For treatment that requires more than one sachet, add a further five litres of water for each additional sachet. Pour the solution into the bore hole. The gap between the discharge pipe and the bore casing is commonly the most suitable place.

Pour another 1-2 containers of untreated water down the bore hole after treatment. This will ensure that all the solution reaches the water in the borehole. The solution will percolate evenly through the borehole water. Leave over night with the pump off for the treatment to effectively kill all the bacteria in the bore hole or well. Regular use of BoreVac will control the problems caused by iron bacteria.

Bacteria in water storage tanks can easily be controlled with BoreVac. At the concentrations recommended treatment will be complete and the water will be safe to drink for periods of up to three months or longer with a single treatment. If additional untreated water is added to the storage tank then more BoreVac will be necessary.

Algae in water storage tanks is rapidly controlled by BoreVac. Dissolve the required amount of BoreVac in water and pour or spray across the surface of the water body for treatment.

Available in individual 30g sachets or in carton lots of 20,50,100 and 1000 units. Also available in 500g and 1kg packs.

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