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Soft Water saves you $$$

Hard water contains dissolved calcium, magnesium iron and manganese, causing scale build up and deposits in pipework and can lead to staining on surfaces. Softening is easy and can reduce costly maintenance, increase appliance life-time, reduce cleaning time and make hair, skin and clothing softer.

Davey water softeners are powered by the force of moving water, not electricity. There’s nothing to plug in, no buttons to push, timers to set and reset or adjustments to make, so they’re economical and reliable.

A Davey Water softener regenerates based on your actual water use, so you get maximum efficiency without waste. The Davey water softener could regenerate frequently (if you’re using a lot of water) or not for several days or weeks (if you’re away on holiday). This efficient approach saves salt, water and money.

The dual tanks provide a continuous supply of soft water, even during the regeneration process. One tank is always in service while the other tank is either on standby or regenerating. Talk with your local Davey water professional to find out which Davey system is right for you.

This unit was recently installed at a local hotel laundry, giving the linen a whiter/cleaner finish and saving the owners money in lower machine maintenance as well as savings on reduced cleaning chemicals.

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