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Water Pumps for Your Home

Torrium2 Pumps for the Home - Designed and Built to Last

Davey take testing very seriously, in fact our Australian made, Torrium2 domestic pump controller is lab tested for a minimum of 800,000 cycles. In the real world, that’s equivalent to 15 years of use in your family home.

For Davey to deliver the pump reliability you need for your home, we test our products literally until they break - you can also be assured that it has been pressure and electrically tested at our Melbourne factory, before the pump even gets to you.

Why Torrium2 over other controllers?

  • Our patented Torrium2 controller has inbuilt smarts, resulting in far less pressure drop than other systems when you first turn on a tap.

  • Decide to increase your demand and turn on more taps? No problem - Torrium offers constant flow, thus avoiding those annoying bursts of hot or cold water whilst still maintaining even pressure.

  • Tank run out of water or you have an interruption to supply? No issues there either – Torrium2 has dry run protection to stop your pump from running on, protecting it from pump damage

  • Pump supply offline? Torrium2 will automatically retry to reduce downtime.

  • Slow water leak? Where other pumps will cycle on and off, Torrium senses the small leak and adjusts itself to overcome pump cycling, reducing wear and tear on your pump.

There is a Torrium2 pump model to suit all types of domestic homes; be that single storey, double storey, long runs of plumbing or a suction lift - a guide below can assist with your selection.

Davey pump customers using our Torrium2 controller often say, “We can’t tell we have a water pressure system”.

With our quality control, expert advice and support from Foundation Electrical, there is simply no reason to settle for second best.

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