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Spotlight Series: Davey DynaDrive DD90-11

The Davey DynaDrive DD90-11 is an all-in-one home pressure system. Davey uses the latest technology to give customers the features expected in today’s day and age. Driven by a powerful 1.3Kw single-phase motor, the pump reaches flows of 125L/min and a maximum pressure of 600 kPa. The key aspect of this pump is the variable speed drive. This intelligent controller gives owners two distinct advantages over traditional pump controllers. Firstly, after selecting your preferred water pressure, the controller automatically adjusts the pump speed to maintain your chosen pressure. It does this regardless of how many taps are running in your home—giving you the luxury of constant water pressure at any time. Secondly, the controller saves you money on electricity bills. It does this by constantly adjusting the pump to the most energy-efficient speed. The technology-packed DynaDrive DD90-11 is an exciting foresight into the pumping solutions of the future.


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