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Spotlight Series: Puretec SOL40-E3

The SOL40-E3 is the largest of Puretec’s automatic water-softening systems. Water softening is the process of removing dissolved minerals from water. The SOL40-E3 forces water through a special resin filter that draws minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium out of your water. Depending on your home’s water-softening needs, the system conducts an automatic backwash with a saltwater solution to clean the resin. The benefits of softened water go beyond cleaner and tastier drinking water. The SOL40-E3 also saves you money in the long term. The lifespan of household appliances drastically increases due to the absence of internal scale build-up. Additionally, your appliances become more efficient. By running with cleaner water, electric hot water systems became up to 22% more efficient and gas systems up to 30% more efficient. The SOL40-E3 system provides a slice of luxury that pays for itself along the way.


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