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Who are Davey?

Born and bred in Carlton, Victoria, Davey is one of Australia’s largest pump manufacturers. Founded by Frank Davey in 1934, Davey originally produced electric motors and generators. Since 1934, Davey has expanded their products to provide solutions for irrigation, water quality, bushfires, floods, pools and spas. Davey has spent the last 88 years perfecting their art and has genuinely earnt its slogan “Depend on Davey”. Davey pumps are designed for Australia’s harsh environments. To ensure their products are above standard, they place them through excessive quality control testing. For example, Davey performs the “torture test”, which involves randomly taking pumps off the production line and performing up 500 000 cycles to replicate a 10-year lifetime. Furthermore, every single pump produced is tested before leaving the factory. Davey’s reputation is built on reliability and acts as one of its core values to ensure you can always “Depend on Davey”.

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